Australian Owned and Operated Family Business

The Abel Family

Having been raised in the beautiful Blue Mountains World Heritage Listed National Park gave both Jason and Narda Abel the opportunity to explore and appreciate the natural wonders of our Australian environment.

Narda is a devoted  daily trail runner and has stepped on three snakes; two Red Belly Black Snakes and one Eastern Brown Snake.

Jason has been bitten twice by a Funnel Web Spider and has had numerous close calls with snakes in the field. All their encounters have been both in the environment and in residential areas. Jason’s career with the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service  provided a wonderful platform to travel and explore many National Parks and communities over the past 20 years. Living in Wildlife Refuges and remote National Parks, where medical assistance is a minimum 1 hour travel time; being prepared is paramount!

For the daily safety of their family they require light weight, rapid response first aid kits as a necessity.

The development of their business is based on the belief that everyone should be prepared when in Australia and offer practical first aid solutions to ensure this.

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Aussie Snake & Spider Bite Kits

Aussie Snake & Spider Bite Kits

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